Q. How do I register?

A. Register online @ https://stonealley.com/program/Parkville/group/RecreationSoccer


Q. How much does registration cost?

A. U6 = $45, U8-U15= $60 (Fall Outdoor)

A. U6 = $45, U8- U18= $60 (Winter Indoor)


Q. When is registration?

A. For the Fall Outdoor Session, registration is open from April to mid July.

A. For the Winter Indoor Session, registration is open from October to November.


Q. When will I hear from my Coach?

A. Fall, not until mid August.

A. Winter, not until mid December.

    This gives us time to make teams/accommodations for all.


Q. How will the Coach know how to contact me?

A. Coaches will use the email communicater with Stone Alley, please keep your contact information up to date.

Q. Do Coach's and Assistant's need to go through a background check?

A. Yes, this is required once yearly and instructions under the tab to the left.

Q. When does the season start and end?

A. The Fall Outdoor session starts in late August and ends in early to mid November.

A. The Winter Indoor session starts in January and ends in April.


Q. What equipment does my child need?

A. For Fall Ourdoor, your child(ren) will need shin guards and soccer cleats.

Parkville Rec Soccer Program will provide a Uniform Shirt.

A. For Winter Indoor, no cleats or turf shoes. Flat bottomed shoes/sneakers must be worn, and black shorts.

Parkville Rec Soccer Program will provide a Uniform Shirt.


Q. When and where are practices held?

A. For the Fall Outdoor practices are at Villa Cresta, days and times.


A. The Winter Indoor session does not have practice.  


Q.  When and where are games held?

A. Fall Outdoor games are scheduled on Saturdays starting at every hour between 9am and 4pm at Villa Cresta Elementary Fields.

A. For the Winter Indoor, the U6 Coed division will play on Sundays at Parkville Middle.    U8 - U18 will play at NERRC (North East Regional Recreation Center). NERRC makes the schedules for all games played there.


Q. How do I find out if practice or a game has been cancelled?

A. Fall Outdoor, you may call the Parkville Rec's Weatherline @ 410-372-8169.

A. Winter Indoor, games at NERRC, you must go to their website to see cancellations. Also, Coaches are instructed to inform their teams about any cancellations.


Q. Who do I contact with my questions or concerns?

A. You should contact your Coach first.

Secondly, you should contact the Coordinator for your child's age group.

Thirdly, contact the President of this program. 

Lastly, if these three steps have not resolved the problem, it will go to the Board members. The PRC Soccer's Board Member's info may be found on the CONTACT page of this website.

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